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Do you want a personalized and unique email address?

Here is the chance to have an email address that nobody else has! You can choose whichever you like most out of more than 1000 unique domains. Look through the list, choose your favorite one, get it in 3 minutes and use it as your email address. There are 25 categories to choose from and all domains can be used for free.

You can simply forward your messages to your main email address, so you do not need to use more than one account.

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In case you would like a unique domain just for yourself, send a message to

Why is it worth it?


You stay hidden during correspondence. The adressees can only see your MailService address, while your target mailbox address is unexposed and shall remain so for good.

Write & Receive

You can create fully fledged addresses in MailService. You can not only receive your mails in your target mailbox, but you can send emails from your MailService addresses.

Unique domains

You can choose your email address out of more than 1000 domains in 25 categories that gives you the opportunity to be unique.


Keep your emails in one place, in your primary mailbox. Easier access, more comfortable to use, you don't have to log and out from one address to another.

Easy Setup

It takes only a few minutes to set up and when it is done you won't need to intervene anymore.


All of the domains are free to use, there are no hidden fees. For more information about warranties check out the Terms and Conditions.

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